Getting2Hired: Resources for After Military Life

Post-Military Professional founder Adam Braatz was a guest on Getting2Hired, where he discussed veteran employment issues, the impact of his state Veterans Chamber of Commerce, and the importance of developing a strong professional network.

Getting2Hired is a program providing resources and information for veterans transitioning from military life to a successful civilian career. The program documents Tony Morrow’s journey as he goes through this process, finding his next career after retiring from the Navy.

From Getting2Hired:

On this episode of Getting2Hired – Resources for After Military Life: The Post-Military Professional – Adam Braatz. Adam Braatz talks about his work creating a resource for Veterans: The Post-Military Professional ( By sharing his lessons learned, research and documenting his experience Adam Braatz is hoping to help you. This Resource for after military life: The Post-Military Professional, helps fellow Veterans in their military transition to rewarding civilian careers.

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